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Tax is a tool for racial justice

​This week we were proud to see more than 150 people attend the launch of our joint report

Tax as a Tool for Racial Justice

, with Decolonising Economics and the Tax Justice Network.

The figures are stark. For every £1 of wealth held by a white household in the UK, an Indian household has 90-95p; Pakistani households have around 50p, Black Caribbean households have 20p, and for Bangladeshi households it’s approximately 10p.

This massive racial wealth gap was highlighted by research done by the Runnymede Trust .

Our joint report highlights how the UK’s deeply entrenched wealth inequalities are underpinned by our tax system. You can view a copy of the report here .

Nevertheless tax is one of the single most powerful means we share in common to fix the things that are wrong in our society.

For us it’s clear that tax must also be one of the tools we use to right racial injustice too. We will do more to tease out why racial justice matters to the work we do.

We also really want the report to be a tool to support campaigners, like our friends at Decolonising Economics, so tax can be as transformative of their work, as racial justice can be of ours.