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Brexit or not the Chancellor must get his cheque book out

In his Spring Statement earlier today the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, confirmed that the country is sitting on higher than expected public finances, and acknowledged that this opened the door for more spending.

“Today’s announcement sets up the Chancellor to get his cheque book out and give a cash boost to government spending,” said Robert Palmer, Executive Director of Tax Justice UK. “Whatever happens with Brexit, public services are creaking and the public wants to see more spending.”

“The Prime Minister promised to end austerity: we now need to see this happen. Street homelessness is through the roof, prison violence at a record high. With the demands of an ageing population and rising numbers of children at risk placing ever higher demands on local councils, the government must draw a line under austerity. We want to see decent public services backed in part through fair taxes.”

The Chancellor is set to announce how much money government departments will get in a spending review due over the summer. If there is an orderly Brexit, the Chancellor has an extra £26.6bn to potentially spend from 2020-21 due to better than expected borrowing and tax figures. In the case of no deal, more spending is also likely, but this time to prop up key sectors of the economy.


Tax Justice UK Executive Director, Robert Palmer, is available to comment on the Spring Statement.  To arrange an interview, contact: Paul Hebden, Head of Communications, Tax Justice UK: / 07413 729 505.