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A majority of Brits think the monarch should pay inheritance tax

Polling by YouGov

for Tax Justice UK has found that 63% of the public think that King Charles should pay inheritance tax on the wealth he is due to inherit from his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

The King stands to benefit significantly by inheriting the private fortune of the late Queen, including property and financial investments.

In the poll of 1,705 people in answer to the question “Do you think the monarch should or should not pay inheritance tax” 63% said the monarch should pay, whilst 16% said the monarch should not. Tax Justice UK Executive Director, Robert Palmer, said:  “It’s clear from this poll that the public believes King Charles should pay inheritance tax on the private wealth he will inherit as a result of the Queen passing away.

​”The fact that the monarch pays no inheritance tax at all is just one example of how the tax system is designed so that the wealthy can pay low levels of tax. Politicians should be asking those who can afford it – including the very wealthy – pay more in tax.”

The poll was carried out by YouGov on a sample size of 1,705 adults in the UK between 15 and 16 September  2022.