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We’re ready to influence the next government

The polls are open. By tomorrow we should know who will form the next government. 

The result may not be surprising: almost all the opinion polls suggest it will be a Labour victory.

Yet the very likely change of government is a big opportunity for our campaign.

How we can convince them

The first few months of the new government will be crucial.

It’s our job to convince them of what the public already knows: more money must be invested in crumbling public services by raising taxes on the super-rich.

This is what the public wants.

What the polls show

Polling shows that people care more about the NHS and public services than they do about the level of taxation, as was pointed out by the polling guru Sir John Curtice on BBC Newsnight on Monday.

Similarly, polling from the Abrdn Financial Fairness Trust showed the public were willing to pay more tax if it meant more money for public services.

People are crying out for investment in public services – not another round of damaging austerity and spending cuts.

We’re in a strong position

We can convince the new government that the public back higher taxes on the super rich – particularly if it means the NHS and public services get more investment.

And thanks to our supporters, we’ll be in a really strong position to do this right away.

Nearly 1,000 of our supporters have donated £28,500 over the past four weeks to help us influence the new government.

This money is already going to work, paying for digital campaigning tools, which we’ll use to convince new MPs and the government on wealth taxes and closing unfair loopholes.

It is vital that they know the public wants investment in key services, paid for by taxes on the super-rich.

If you would still like to make a donation, you can here. Every single extra pound donated will be put to good use, helping bring tax reform closer to reality.

Inequality surging in Britain

It’s never been more important that we win this argument. If we don’t reform our tax system to take more from the very rich, inequality and unfairness will run rampant in Britain.

A new report from the Fairness Foundation this week argues that inequality in Britain will balloon over the next five years – and this could lead to the undermining of our democracy itself.

“We believe that [inequality] is not only morally wrong, but is causing deep damage to our society, economy and democracy, and undermining the fight against the climate crisis,” they write.

We support the Fairness Foundation’s call for the government to tackle inequality by investing more in the social security net.

All to play for

We’re entering a new period in British politics, with all to play for.

Now is one of the best opportunities we’ve ever had as a campaign to influence policy makers.

It’s not hyperbole. We’ve a real chance to see many of our tax reform proposals made reality in the coming years. And with the NHS and public services coming apart at the seams, it’s never been more urgent.