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Tax Justice UK relies on donations from supporters. It’s only with your help we can keep pushing for a fairer society and better tax system.


We’re fighting for a fairer tax system that takes more from the super rich.

​To fund our struggling NHS and public services, we’re pushing the government to crack down on tax dodging and close tax loopholes.

Together we can make the super rich and wealthy companies pay more tax.

With your help we can keep making the case for tax reform on TV and radio and in the pages of the national press and with politicians in Westminster.

With your support we can keeping building the pressure on the big political parties to back wealth taxes.

We also accept donations by cheque or bank transfer.

Please make cheques payable to Tax Justice UK Ltd and send to: Tax Justice C/O New Economics Foundation, 10 Salamanca Place, London SE1 7HB.

​In the interests of transparency, we will publish the names and amounts of any donations that are above £5,000 a year. ​

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